The Denial of Hearing Loss

denial of hearing lossIt can be hard to admit when it is time to get a hearing aid. Many people deny that they have a hearing issue for nearly ten years before finally getting fitted for a hearing aid.

This means most people experience years of misunderstanding speech, missing high pitched sounds, and straining to hear what is going on around them. Once patients are fitted for a hearing aid, they often say, “I can’t believe I waited so long!”

Hearing loss is nothing to be embarrassed about. While many people are initially self-conscious at the thought of getting a hearing aid, it is important to note that hearing loss is the third-most-common chronic physical condition. Only arthritis and heart disease happen more regularly.

In other words, you’re not alone.

The signs of hearing loss are normally easy to detect: turning up the TV volume, asking people to repeat themselves and cupping your hand behind your ear to hear are just some of the signs of hearing loss. If a spouse or loved one regularly has to repeat themselves or point to what they are talking about, it’s time to have your hearing checked.

There is also evidence to suggest it is healthier to act quickly when you notice you have a hearing problem. Cognitive decline has been shown to lessen in older people once they have hearing aids.

Patients who put off getting hearing aids are amazed at the difference they experience. They understand dialogue easily and effortlessly. They can hear coworkers and family members clearly, even when they are in a crowded room. Many can even hear the television when they are in another room.

No matter how well you think you can hear, it is important to have your hearing tested at the first signs of hearing loss. If you are showing signs of hearing loss, contact Audio Help Hearing Centers in New York at 888-832-9966 to schedule an appointment today.