Top reasons to visit an audiologist

see an audiologistWith the constant (and loud) noises that are a part of everyday life in New York City, having your hearing tested by an audiologist at Audio Help Hearing Centers should be at the top your next to-do list.

Those noises can slowly deteriorate your hearing without you noticing. As a result, many people are fitted with a hearing aid years after they first started losing their hearing. This delay can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Here are just a few reasons you should schedule an appointment with an audiologist:

Good hearing health can lead to great overall well-being
When you can’t hear, your stress levels increase and cognitive health decreases. Your overall well-being can improve by being fitted with hearing aids and following advice from an audiologist to improve your hearing health and overall well-being.

Audiologists help you maintain healthy ears
Whether you have an ongoing earache or are experiencing temporary hearing loss, audiologists can help you solve many hearing problems by examining your ear and offering ways to relieve your symptoms.

Your primary doctor says you have an ear problem
If your primary physician notices earwax buildup or other problems in your ear, schedule an appointment with an audiologist right away. Ignoring these problems can lead to permanent hearing damage.

They can alleviate the ‘ringing’ in your ear
If you hear a constant ringing, buzzing or humming noise that no one else can hear, you are one of 50 million Americans suffering from tinnitus. While there is no cure, audiologists can offer solutions to help alleviate symptoms of tinnitus.

To have your hearing evaluated at any of Audio Help Hearing Center’s four New York City locations, call 888-832-9966 or contact us online.