Travel Tips for People with Hearing Loss

Travel ProgramIn the airport:

  • Pack essential items (backup hearing aids, batteries, wax guards) in your carry-on, in case your checked luggage is lost in transit
  • *Checked luggage passes through a stronger X-ray machine, which may affect the computer processor in your devices
  • TSA suggests wearing your devices while walking through the metal detector. Some individuals experience a loud distorted sound in the metal detector; consider turning down the volume
  • Present this card to TSA or airplane staff if you prefer not to announce your hearing impairment to surrounding travelers
  • When you arrive at your gate, let the gate staff know that you have a hearing loss. This is important for last minute gate changes, delays, cancellations, and other announcements
  • Many airports are equipped with a “loop” system for hearing aid users who have a T-coil setting. Check to see if your airport has one and enable the T-coil; announcements will be heard directly through your devices
  • Hearing aids DO NOT interfere with the airplane’s navigational equipment. You can wear them the entire flight, even when asked to “turn off electronic devices”
  • Many individuals enjoy using the Bluetooth function on their devices to stream music or movies directly to their hearing aids during flight. If your device is compatible with Bluetooth, give it a try!
  • If traveling alone, inform your neighbor and flight attendant of your hearing loss in the event of emergency announcements

Double check for your devices before you exit the plane!

For more information, see these websites: