What Are The Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you have hearing loss?  Most people who have hearing loss are not aware of their situation until they visit an audiologist’s office and  have their hearing tested in a soundproof booth.    The reason for this is that unless the hearing loss is a result of some trauma where the problem is created by an injury to the ear or exposure to some exceptionally lout sounds in a very short period of time, the brain will work to adjust to changes in hearing.

Hearing loss for most people is very gradual.  The good news is that our brain is generally able to adjust to all but the most severe hearing loss, so most people will not recognize they have hearing loss during the early stages.   The problem is that when the hearing loss is compensated for by the brain, most people will experience fatigue during the day due to the extra work the brain is required to do to try and help us hear better.

It is much better to be aware of the most common signs of hearing loss, as they are normally very obvious and if people are aware of them it is possible to get help before the problem becomes even more severe.  The following are the most common signs of possible hearing loss:

  • The most common sign of hearing loss is when a couple have difficulty agreeing on the optimal volume level of the television.  If one person is always telling the other to turn down the sound of the TV, it is very likely that there could be a hearing loss.
  • Another very common sign is the recurrent use of “what” when having a conversation with another person.  If one person is constantly asking the other to repeat themselves during a conversation, it is a definite sign that there could be a hearing issue.
  • A third very common sign of hearing loss emerges in a group setting such as a party or a restaurant.   If one person does not seem to be following ( and participating in) the conversation, it is very likely an indication of hearing loss.
  • A fourth common sign that hearing loss could be a problem relates to how well the individual can hear on the telephone.  People with hearing difficulties generally have a problem hearing another on the phone, and regularly as the other party to repeat what they have said.

What should you do if any of these signs of hearing loss pertain to you?  The most important thing to do is to NOT ignore the problem and believe the problem is someone else’s and not yours.  It is very common for people with hearing loss to complain that others are talking too low or mumbling, rather than recognize the problem could be theirs.

If you feel there is a chance you might have hearing loss, you can take an preliminary hearing test on the website of an audiology clinic such as at www.audiohelphearing.com.   The test is easy to self-administer and takes less than 10 minutes.  At the conclusion of the test, you will learn if you have a hearing issue, and if so, it is advisable to make an appointment with an audiologist to get a professional, thorough hearing test.  Only after you complete this test will you be able to understand if you have a hearing issue, and if so what can be done to help your situation.