What are the types of hearing tests?

Are you experiencing signs of hearing loss? You might need to get a hearing test. There are many types of hearing tests that audiologists use to diagnose hearing loss and other hearing problems. 

Getting a hearing test is the most basic step in dealing with hearing problems. One of the most interesting facts to understand about hearing is that unlike with eyeglasses where it is almost always possible to correct to 20-20 vision, the loss of hearing can not be corrected back to the level when you were a young adult.   

Also, it is important to understand that almost every person loses their hearing as they get older, and the loss is very gradual.   Except for an accident where the ear drum is punctured, most people do not even realize that their hearing has declined as they age.   

The reason for this is that our brain seeks to compensate for small losses in hearing, and works harder to help patients hear.  

When the hearing loss becomes significant, many, if not most patients will experience fatigue toward the end of the day due to the uncorrected hearing loss which has not been corrected.

Do you need a hearing test?

There are many different ways to determine whether you are experiencing hearing loss.  

Some involve being cognizant of your daily life situations, and others involve taking one of a variety of hearing tests.  

LIFE SITUATIONS –  There are a few very easy ways to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. Specifically:

  • The most common is if your significant other notices that you require the television to be louder than it is comfortable for them.
  • A second “life-test” of hearing loss is if you find yourself asking people to repeat what they are saying or find yourself saying “what” frequently during a conversation.
  • The third most common sign of possible hearing loss is if you find it difficult to follow the conversation in a group setting, such as a cocktail party or a dinner with friends.

All three of the above situations provide a “lifestyle hearing test” suggesting that it would be advantageous for you to take the next step and actually have a formal hearing test.

Types of Hearing Tests

There are several generally recognized hearing tests, all of which will provide patients with an indication that they might be experiencing some hearing loss.  

One of the best aspects of the tests is that in virtually every situation they are either free or completely covered by your insurance company ( for an annual test). 

This is in recognition of the medical community of the importance of correcting hearing loss.  The following will describe hearing tests from the perspective of “good”, “better” and ”best”.

  • GOOD HEARING TESTS – There are many very basic hearing tests available to download from the internet, which provide a series of questions about a patient’s lifestyle and hearing experiences. 

These tests take less than 10 minutes to complete and provide a very basic indication as to whether a patient should consider moving to one of the “better” or “best” hearing test options.

  • BETTER HEARING TESTS-  There are many very good hearing tests that patients can take online from the website of a hearing aid manufacturer or an independent audiology clinic.  

These tests are characterized as follows:

  • The patient is asked to isolate themselves in a very quiet place
  • Ideally, the patient would use headphones for the test, as they are better than open-air hearing relative to discriminating sounds.
  • The online test normally takes about 10 minutes, during which the patient is exposed to various levels of beeping sounds.
  • Based on the indications of the patient regarding the sounds, the online hearing test will provide a “score” which will help the patient determine if they have hearing issues.
  • BEST HEARING TESTS –  The most accurate type of hearing test is conducted in an audiologist’s office, where the patient is seated in a soundproof booth.  

While in the booth, the audiologist will conduct two types of examinations.  First, the patient will be exposed to various sounds and asked if they can hear the beeps. Then, the audiologist will administer a word recognition test, where several different words are said by the audiologist, and the patient is asked to repeat the word, so the doctor can determine the level of comprehension by the patient.


The most important message in this blog post is that everyone should have a hearing test annually.  

Having your hearing tested every year is essential to your hearing health and overall well-being.

As you age, your hearing will begin to decline in each ear, but your brain will work to compensate for that loss.

There is a large compendium of evidence that suggests that untreated hearing loss is directly associated with an increased likelihood of a person getting Alzheimer’s, dementia, or depression.

So protect your health and get a hearing test.

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