What to do if you have a hearing aid disaster

Audio Help Blog August 2017Accidents happen. But when it involves your hearing aid, those accidents can be expensive.

Audio Help Hearing Center has some tips that can help you salvage your hearing aids if you encounter one of these common disasters.

You lose your hearing aid outside
This commonly happens during the winter months when you wear snow caps and head bands over your ears. It’s not unusual for your hearing aid to get caught and yanked out when you remove these items.

When you realize your hearing aid is missing, have everyone around you stand still and give yourself a quick pat down. If your hearing aids aren’t caught on an article of clothing, search the ground. Watch your step – so you don’t accidently smash it.

Your hearing aid falls in the toilet or sink
If this happens in a public restroom, you may want to consider it a loss since these places have so many germs. But if it happens at home (where the toilet and sink are probably cleaner), retrieve your hearing aid and clean it with an alcohol wipe and let it dry.

If it falls down a drain, grab a wrench and undo the piping so you can retrieve it.

You accidently wear your hearing aids in the shower
Remove your hearing aids as soon as you realize your mistake and dry them with a towel. Then remove the battery and keep the battery door open before placing your hearing aids in their overnight case or hearing aid dryer.

If they aren’t working the next day, bring them to Audio Help Hearing Center and have our staff examine them for you.

Your dog eats your hearing aid
This may seem comical at first, but ingesting a hearing aid battery can be fatal for your pet. That’s why it’s important to carefully remove each piece from your pet’s mouth and look for the battery. If you’re unable to find the hearing aid, contact your vet immediately so they can be examined.

You leave your hearing aids at home
This dilemma is quite common, especially if you just started wearing hearing aids.

Go back home and get your hearing aids if you’re able to. If not, tell others around you that you don’t have your hearing aids in so they can make accommodations for you.

If you experience one of these disasters and need your hearing aids replaced, contact any of the Audio Help Hearing Center locations in New York City or send us a message to schedule an appointment.