What to Expect with my New Hearing Aids

1. Quiet noises, like paper rustling, will sound louder.
Hearing Aids BTE
You will soon adjust to these sounds, you’re hearing soft noises as you should be.

2. My own voice will sound different.
Try reading familiar books at home to get used to the sound of your voice. You will adjust to hearing your voice within about a week.

If after one week, your voice still sounds too loud or uncomfortable, see your Audiologist for adjustments.

3. My hearing will be significantly better, but not perfect.
Ideal listening environments are small groups and one-on-one conversations. Hearing people at a distance (> 10 feet) may still be difficult. Noisy environments (restaurants, etc) may still be challenging.

4. My hearing devices will adjust automatically.
Some can be controlled with a remote, but hearing aids will increase or decrease volume based on the environment.

5. It will take time to get the full benefit of my hearing aids.
The Audiologist will start the hearing aids at a low volume and gradually increase them. You may need multiple follow-up appointments.

6. Wearing the devices 8-10 hours a day will help me adjust.
Our brain processes sound and will better adjust to new sounds if hearing aids are worn for most of the day.