When’s the Right Time For a Hearing Evaluation?

HINT: Sooner Than You Think!

There’s good news and bad news about hearing loss. The good news is that your brain is amazingly good at overcoming many obstacles, including things like hearing loss. You may be suffering from a slight decline right now and you’re not aware of it, because you’ve found ways to compensate. By coping and adapting, you feel like you’re getting by.

So what’s the bad news? You may be adapting so well that you don’t know what you’re missing. You’re unaware of lost information, lost opportunities, and the lost energy you spend just trying to keep up. Maybe those embarrassing moments when you don’t catch someone’s name or some other
important bit of information are growing more frequent.

Know What You’re Missing

In age-related hearing loss, the condition progresses as you get older. Your brain may be good at continuing to adapt, but straining to listen tends to diminish the parts of your life that matter most: sharing with friends and family, keeping ahead in your business, and spending time in your community. People with advanced hearing loss describe this state as a feeling of isolation; of being trapped. They find it physically and emotionally tiring to hear conversations in noisy settings. It’s just too hard to make the effort. So they give up.

Break Through Isolation With the Latest Hearing Technology

intigai and intigaThere is help for people with hearing loss: a wonderful array of modern hearing solutions that can make it easier to break through the wall of isolation and focus on what’s important. Modern hearing technology such as Oticon’s new Intiga can help bring back a fuller and more vibrant social life and more rewarding listening experiences.
A great example of today’s state-of-the art hearing instruments, Intiga is a super tiny, ultra sleek, high-performance hearing device. Its high-speed sound processing chip allows you to differentiate sounds better, so you’ll be able to understand and participate more, even in difficult listening situations.

Now’s The Time to Evaluate Your Hearing

An evaluation by a hearing professional is quick, simple and painless. It’s your first step to reclaiming the vibrant life you love, in a way that adapting, coping or older hearing technology cannot. The only way to recognize what you’re currently missing is to try a state-of-the art hearing device in your own home, your own office and your own daily life. Right now is a great time to evaluate your hearing. We are currently offering a risk free trial of our new Intiga hearing device.

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