Winter Care Tips For Your Hearing Aids

Image of person walking in NYC winter.Winter and hearing aids have a complicated relationship.

The constant switching of climates – frigid outdoors with the warm indoors – can wreak havoc on your hearing aids. The temperature shifts can cause condensation to build up in the devices’ inner workings, leading to malfunction.

Audio Help Hearing Centers in New York City, Scarsdale and Stamford offers the following suggestions for protecting your hearing aids this winter:

Moisture Mayhem

Condensation can build up in your devices as you move indoors from the cold temperatures. Moisture – in the form of condensation, perspiration and humidity – can ruin your device’s receiver and microphone. If damaged by moisture, your hearing aids may:

  • Suddenly stop working and then start working again
  • Cut out during exposure to loud noise
  • Accompany sound with static
  • Distort sound or make it unclear

If you experience any of these signs, immediately turn off the devices and take out the batteries. Try inserting new batteries or use a cotton swab to dry areas where batteries touch the hearing aids. If they still don’t work, you can try to dry them out with a hearing aid dehumidifier, let them air-dry on a newspaper for 24 hours or in rice overnight, or point a fan or hairdryer at them on the lowest setting – do not use high heat.

Hearing Aid TLC Tips

Here are a few tips on taking better care of your hearing aids during the winter:

1. Leave them home while exercising outdoors: When hitting the slopes or taking part in other outdoor winter activities, leave them indoors. Your sweat can easily infiltrate your devices.

2. Cover them up: Any time you venture outside, cover your ears with earmuffs, a hat or at least a hood to better regulate the temperature around them.

3. Warmer is better: Don’t leave hearing aids in your vehicle during the winter. Try to keep them on your person as much as possible – your body heat provides a stable environment.

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