Winter Tips for Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

Winter Tips for MaintainingIf you wear hearing aids, it’s important to know how to prevent weather related damage. The staff at Audio Help has put together some tips to help you avoid damage commonly caused by winter weather.

Avoid Moisture

Just as fog develops on glasses when you go into a warm building after being in the cold, moisture can also develop on your hearing aids. To prevent this, wear a winter hat made of a breathable material that can cover your ears and absorb excess moisture.

Use a Drying Kit

If your hearing aids are exposed to excess moisture, a drying kit or dehumidifier can prevent your device from being damaged. If you don’t have a drying kit, simply take the battery out, wipe it down, and let it air dry.

Keep Extra Batteries on Hand

As the temperature drops, so does the effectiveness of most electronics – including your hearing aids. Wearing a hat that covers your hearing aids will prevent most damage, but is also never hurts to have a spare pair batteries on hand in case you experience a problem.

Know the Signs of Malfunction

If you notice that the sound is fading in and out, crackling, or disappears completely, there’s a chance you may have moisture damage. If drying out your hearing aids does not revive them, contact Audio Help and schedule an appointment to have one of our experts examine your devices.