Avoiding Winter Weather? Use Our Remote Audiology Services

Cold weather isn’t for everyone. Some of our patients travel to warmer climates for the winter. Others in the New York City metro area want to stay inside to avoid the cold and snow as much as possible. If you’re one of those people, you don’t have to miss out on comprehensive hearing services. At Audio Help Hearing Centers, we can fix most hearing aid issues remotely.

Remote Audiology Service Capabilities

Remote audiology services are accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer, providing direct assistance to expert audiology care wherever and whenever you need it.

Remote services allow you to give your audiologist an overall impression of your hearing health and hearing aid issues, which can usually be corrected remotely. You can also explain other issues that need to be addressed.

Specific virtual services include assistance with the following:

Wax filters: Clogged wax filters are one of the most common hearing aid problems, but they have an easy fix. You may feel like your hearing aids aren’t working, but they only need a new wax filter. A quick remote session with a hearing expert provides you with step-by-step instructions to change your wax filter and advice for when to replace them later. 

Hearing aid batteries: Small disposable hearing aid batteries can be tricky to manage, especially if you’re a new hearing aid wearer, have dexterity issues or have large fingers. An audiologist will walk you through swapping your old batteries and offer tips for handling small components.

Hearing aid settings: Do you notice whistling or sound fading in your hearing aids? Schedule a remote session before you start fiddling with your settings. Your audiologist will assess the issue and provide necessary adjustments. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer software programming so your audiologist can connect to your devices and adjust them remotely.

Bluetooth pairing: Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to stream audio directly into your devices. But you may require assistance if you’re pairing your hearing aids to your phone, computer or tablet for the first time. 

Cleaning and disinfection: Hearing aids require regular cleaning and care to function properly. Your audiologist will give tips about the best way to clean your style of hearing aid.

Diagnostic tests: Manufacturer software includes remote diagnostic tests so your audiologists can check if there are other issues with your hearing aids that you might not have noticed.

Why It’s Important to Stick with Your Primary Audiologist

It may seem easier to find a local audiologist near your wintertime residence to address your hearing health concerns. But finding a new audiologist requires establishing your care needs with a new doctor. 

Using remote services allows you to contact your current audiologist, who is already aware of your hearing health history. They can assess your needs more effectively because you won’t have to take time to discuss your previous hearing issues.

Your audiologist should get to know you as a person before they learn about you as a patient. Visiting a new audiologist once doesn’t permit you to build the rapport you have with your current doctor.

The expert doctors of audiology at Audio Help Hearing Centers can provide insight and direct you to our video tutorials. Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online to schedule a remote appointment.