Don’t Let Your Social Life Suffer, Wear Your Hearing Aids

Dont Compromise sizedPeople with severe hearing loss know the profound impact their hearing aids have on their everyday lives. But if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you may not think wearing your hearing aids every day is necessary.

Before you take them out or leave them in your nightstand, consider these reasons for wearing them.

They Help You Socialize

Maybe your children or grandchildren come for a visit or do a virtual call, but you’re struggling to hold a conversation. You need your daughter to repeat herself, and you can’t really hear the grandkids laughing as they play.

You may stop asking others to repeat themselves because you don’t want to be a bother. Eventually, you stop reaching out to socialize altogether, leading to isolation or depression. Hearing aids provide your brain the volume and clarity it needs to process auditory signals so you can interact with ease.


You Won’t Miss Important Information

Your ears process essential auditory stimuli all the time, things that are essential to daily life like:

  • Alarms
  • Phone notifications
  • A knock at the door
  • Ambulance or police sirens
  • Weather alerts

Missing any of these sounds could lead to trouble for your personal health and safety.

Visiting your doctor is another instance where you need your ears to operate at peak performance. You can miss important instructions if you can’t hear your doctor. This can lead to medications issues, infection, or hospitalization.

Your Brain Stays Active

You’ll also struggle to remember what your doctor says because your brain is working harder to process sounds.  Wearing hearing aids takes some of the effort off your brain, while keeping it active. The auditory cortex in your brain can atrophy if it doesn’t receive signals to keep working.

And while cognitive decline occurs as we age, it’s more common in people with hearing loss. You’re also more susceptible to dementia and balance problems, putting you at a greater risk for a fall.

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