Get a charge out of hearing aid batteries

Recharging Your Hearing AidYour hearing aid’s battery life is not an exact science – how long it lasts depends upon a number of factors. The type of battery, the number of hours per day the wearer uses the hearing aid and how it’s used while in operation all affect the battery’s life.

A typical hearing aid battery will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on these factors. You will know it’s time to replace them if sounds become distorted or you have to turn up the volume significantly to hear sounds. Your hearing aid may also make a beeping noise when it’s low on power.

Because hearing aid batteries can lose power quickly, it’s important to keep an extra set nearby. Keep the batteries away from metal objects such as keys or coins, which can discharge them.

Leave the protective seal on the battery until it’s ready for use – it starts losing power after the seal is removed. However, when you do remove the seal, let it sit for five minutes before installing. This allows air to activate the materials in the battery. This can increase battery life up to three days.

Keep in mind that if you stream frequently on your hearing aid, you will lose battery power more quickly.

Time to recharge

When it comes to rechargeable batteries, silver-zinc batteries typically provide you with 24 hours of power on a 4-hour charge. Silver-zinc batteries will usually last about one year before the need to be replaced by a hearing care professional, although certain brands will last up to three years. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries will hold a 24-hour charge and last about three to five years before needing replacement, usually by the manufacturer.

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