How do we acquire hearing loss?

  • Hearing Aid Lifestyle GuideRepeated exposure to loud noises
  • Ear infection
  • Viral infection
  • Head injury

1.) Seek help for your hearing loss: Hearing is linked to cognitive & cardiovascular health. Don’t delay treatment. Hearing is part of your HEALTH. Visit Audio Help for a baseline hearing evaluation. Call to make an appointment today: (866) 530-7500

2.) Treat your hearing loss: There is no medical treatment for hearing loss. The only way to treat diagnosed hearing loss is through the use of amplification, such as hearing aids. Individuals who do not stimulate their impaired auditory system with sound, by the use of hearing aids for example, may experience a decrease in speech clarity overtime, otherwise known as auditory deprivation.

3.) Determine the level of technology that best suits your communication lifestyle: Hearing aids aren’t one-size fits all. We customize the amount of power for each hearing aid to fit your lifestyle. Do you live an active, social life or are you more of a homebody? There is no right or wrong answer! Different levels of hearing technology are available based on your communication lifestyle.