How Hearing Aid Technology Has Advanced for Better Hearing

The advancements in modern hearing aids allow for a more discreet, comfortable fit and comprehensive listening experience.

Automatic Adjustments

Today’s hearing aids have artificial intelligence that can adjust the listening experience to different environments, which help you hear better. For example, listening in a quiet room is very different than a crowded restaurant – modern hearing aids automatically adjust to those situations.

Directional Microphones

Directional microphones are designed to focus on speech sounds in front of you, so you don’t have to decipher conversation from background noise.

Custom Amplification

If you have high-frequency hearing loss, your hearing aids will need to be adjusted differently than if you have struggled to hear low-frequency sounds. Hearing aids split sound vibrations into bands that are amplified to your specific needs.

Noise and Wind Reduction Features

Hearing aids were originally designed with amplification in mind, but they couldn’t differentiate background sounds. Modern technology allows hearing aids to recognize and reduce distracting sounds like street noise so your ears can focus on the sounds you want to hear.

Wind noise can cause whistling or feedback in hearing aids, but today’s technology is designed to identify and suppress it as soon as it occurs.

Audiologist showing smartphone app for adjusting hearing aid holding smartphone in one hand and BTE hearing aid in other.

Bluetooth Features and Remote Connectivity

You have more connectivity options at your disposal with modern hearing aid technology. Connecting your hearing aids to a compatible device can eliminate distracting background noise. You won’t have to crank the volume on your TV to hear your favorite show or worry about missing something said during a phone conversation.

Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to:

  • Apple and Android smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Wireless car systems
  • TV streamers
  • Remote mics

Most major hearing aid manufacturers also offer apps for smartphones and tablets. Once you connect your hearing aids to the app, you can adjust them directly from your device.

Health and Fitness Tracking

While modern technology offers improved listening features, today’s hearing aids also provide tracking features to improve your wellness. That can include tracking your steps, heart rate and blood pressure.

Tinnitus Relief

Some hearing aids have specific programs designed to help you cope with the ringing, buzzing or humming in your ears. Masking programs are a type of tinnitus treatment that can ease the emotional impact of your symptoms.

Recently Introduced Advanced Hearing Aid Models

Starkey Genesis AI: This hearing aid is designed to mimic your cerebral cortex to deliver more natural hearing support. The Genesis AI features a comfortable, durable design and rechargeable batteries. You can pair these devices to your smartphone and adjust them with the My Starkey app.

Phonak Slim: True to its name, the Phonak Slim offers a discreet design that sits snuggly behind your ear. The programming improves speech understanding and reduces listening effort so you can feel confident in any soundscape. The Phonak Slim is rechargeable and can connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices and hearing accessories.

Signia Styletto: The Styletto uses the Signia Xperience chip to process clear audio for better speech comprehension. These devices come with a portable charging case, so you don’t have to worry about being without power. The sleek design makes the Styletto look more like a stylish piece of technology than a traditional hearing aid.

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