How Hearing Aids Can Help You Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays bring seasonal cheer and loved ones from near and far. Hearing loss can put a damper on your holiday merriment, but hearing aids can help you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

During One-on-One Conversations

The holidays are a good time to catch up with family and friends. Hearing loss makes it difficult to keep up with conversations, and you may withdraw from the party. Hearing aids clarify and amplify sounds so your brain doesn’t have to work hard to understand them.

Untreated hearing loss increases your cognitive load and may leave you mentally fatigued, especially after long conversations. Hearing aids do the heavy lifting and allow you to enjoy conversing.

Around the Holiday Dinner Table

Family dinners can get noisy. You may feel bombarded by everyone talking at once, especially sitting in the middle of the table.

Modern hearing aids are pairable with assistive listening devices (ALD), including remote microphones and table mics. Those devices are especially helpful if you’re attending a holiday dinner at a restaurant. Microphones enhance the voices of those around your table without increasing the volume of background noise.

Watching Sports and Holiday Specials

The holidays bring seasonal movies, specials and sporting events. Bluetooth connectivity and TV streamers allow you to tune in without increasing the volume. You can adjust streamed audio to your preference without cranking it too loudly for other listeners. That way, you’ll enjoy festive programs with your loved ones without worrying about the volume. TV streamers also enable you to hear sporting events at the volume you prefer while being able to mute the sound for others in the room who would prefer not to hear the game.

Connecting with Long-Distance Relatives

Do you have family and friends who can’t make it home for the holidays? Phone and video calls are a good way to stay connected to long-distance loved ones. Bluetooth hearing aids connect to smartphones, tablets and computers, streaming phone and video audio directly into your devices. You won’t have to worry about contending with background noise and asking family and friends to repeat themselves.

Get Your Hearing Aids Checked Before the Holidays

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of hearing aids or need to upgrade your devices, the expert team at Audio Help Hearing Centers will get your ears ready for the holidays. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid styles and brands to suit your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Our doctors of audiology are committed to providing you with the audiology services you need to improve your quality of life. Schedule online or call 888-832-9966 to make your appointment before the holiday season.