Learn About Audiology Services During Better Hearing and Speech Month

Audiology Services During Better Hearing and Speech Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month aims to raise awareness about hearing loss and speech problems and encourage everyone to seek evaluation services.

About 48 million Americans have hearing loss caused by noise exposure from work, leisure activities, ototoxic medications and treatments, and ear infections.

However, only two in 10 adults have had their hearing tested in the last five years, according to a 2021 poll from the Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Why It’s Important to Seek Audiology Services

Your inner ear contains thousands of tiny hair cells that convert sound stimuli to electrical signals sent to your brain for interpretation. Once damaged, those hair cells can never be repaired or regrown.

Often, by the time most people notice their hearing loss, their hair cells have already sustained significant damage. You can lose up to 50% of your hair cells before hearing loss registers on a hearing evaluation.

Visiting an audiologist gives you access to expert hearing health care, hearing loss treatment and support services that can mitigate the effects of hair cell damage. When you visit a doctor of audiology, you reap the benefits of their education and training, so they can provide you with the custom hearing treatment you need. All audiologists at Audio Help Hearing Centers have earned the doctorate in audiology.

Hearing Services at Audio Help Hearing Centers

You can expect a personalized experience with thorough hearing evaluations and screenings when visiting one of the Audio Help Hearing Centers’ offices.

Here are some of the audiology services we offer:

  • Hearing testing: We provide hearing evaluations to determine your type and degree of hearing loss. Identifying your unique hearing condition allows our expert team to determine the source of your loss and prescribe specific treatment to suit your needs. If you’re unsure whether you should visit an audiologist, take our online hearing test, and schedule an appointment.
  • Hearing aid fittings: If your audiologist determines your hearing test results suggest that hearing aids would improve your overall listening experience, we will discuss hearing aid types and brand options. We will identify the devices that will help you improve your auditory perception and overall sound quality. Our doctors of audiology are trained to find the best hearing aid for you based on your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, cosmetic requirements and budget. We are not committed to prescribing any particular brand of hearing aid. We focus on which of the many options is best for you. It will take several appointments to optimize your hearing aid
  • Hearing aid repairs: Effective hearing aids require regular adjustments and repairs to ensure a comfortable listening experience. We provide comprehensive repairs that can usually be completed in-office while you wait. If necessary, we will send your in-warranty hearing aids to the manufacturer to be repaired and will fit you with a loaner set while the repairs are completed. There is a nominal charge for out-of-warranty repairs at the time of service.
  • Tinnitus treatment: Sometimes, the ringing or buzzing in your ears is caused by untreated hearing loss. Audiologists can narrow the possible cause of your tinnitus and suggest treatment options like behavioral therapy, hearing aids and sound masking devices to ease your symptoms. While there is no cure for tinnitus, hearing devices can help you live more comfortably with the condition.
  • Aural rehabilitation: We offer aural rehab classes to provide a supportive environment to learn about your hearing loss and hearing aids. These sessions will help you learn better communication techniques and teach you about lifestyle changes you can make to improve the effectiveness of your hearing technology.

We’re committed to providing our patients with caring and comprehensive audiology services. Call 888-832-9966 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.