Summer tips for maintaining your hearing aids

hearing aid care tipsSweat, water and extreme temperature changes can all wreak havoc on your hearing aids. That’s why it’s important to take extra special care of your hearing aids during the summer months, when they’re more susceptible to being exposed to these elements.

Here are five summer hearing aid care tips for you to follow this summer:

  1. Have your hearing aids coated with HydraShield®, a nano-coating that protects your hearing aids from moisture, debris and ear wax.
  2. Don’t wear your hearing aids while exercising outside, especially if it’s raining. This will prevent sweat and water from damaging your devices.
  3. Open the battery door at night so it can fully dry.
  4. Don’t store your hearing aids in humid places such as in your car or outdoor storage units.
  5. Take your hearing aids out while applying sunscreen and make sure the sunscreen is fully absorbed before putting them back in your ears.

If your hearing aids have been damaged by the summer weather, contact any of Audio Help Hearing Center’s New York City offices so our staff can examine your devices and see if they can be repaired.