Will You Hear All The Sounds on July 4th?

Image of people watching fireworksThe July 4th fireworks are such an American tradition that almost every town in the country holds its own fireworks display. If you happen to live in a building on the East River in New York City, you can look out in the horizon and see 20 or more fireworks displays in all the towns from Westchester County, NY to Long Island and on to Brooklyn.


But will you hear the sounds? If you are over 55, there is a good chance you have some hearing loss, whether it is due to aging, your job, the volume on your headphones or maybe just attending lots of rock concerts when you were younger.  At Audio Help we care about your hearing and want to help you prepare for the sounds and joys of the July 4th celebration…which this year will be extra special as we have almost come to the end of the Covid crisis.

Protect your hearing with serenity choice


If you have not had a hearing test in the last year, do yourself a favor and celebrate the sounds of Independence Day with a visit to Audio Help Hearing Centers. We provide free hearing screening, and if the test shows you don’t require any hearing devices, we will give you a set of Serenity Choice hearing protection earplugs.  These devices enable you to go to a loud concert or a fireworks display and be able to hear what is happening without damaging your ears. They are a brand new product from Phonak, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids, hearing accessories, and ear protection devices in the world.


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So whether you want to hear better, or want to protect your ears from very loud sounds, call 866-832-9966 Audio Help Hearing Centers and make an appointment with an audiologist at one of our New York City, Scarsdale NY, or Stamford CT locations. It might be the most important call you make this year.