Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Hearing Loss

Living with untreated hearing loss can affect your ability to share the love with your romantic partner. Whatever your love language is, communication is essential for a healthy relationship.

elderly couple sitting on a couch holding a bouquet of pink flowers


How Hearing Loss Affects Relationships

Lack of communication: It can be difficult to discuss each other’s feelings, dreams and goals if one of you can’t hear. Miscommunications pile up after a while, leading to bigger arguments. You or your partner may feel ignored if one of you is living with untreated hearing loss, as it may appear that they’re not paying attention to you.

Negative emotions: It’s common to experience anger, resentment, disappointment and loneliness if you or your loved one has hearing loss. The hearing person may feel like a “helper,” as if they have to translate for their spouse. That can strain the connection between you and your partner and make it feel more like a job than a relationship. You might also feel frustrated if you’ve discussed your significant other’s hearing loss and they haven’t taken action to address it.

Social isolation: Trying to keep up with multiple speakers amidst background noise can be daunting. You or your loved one may shy away from socializing if either has hearing loss. That isolation could negatively impact mental and emotional health.


Hearing Loss Communication Tips

Here are some tips for talking to your love about their hearing loss:

  • Be kind and patient.
  • Find a quiet space to speak alone.
  • Give them a chance to process your words and respond.
  • Face your loved one and get their attention before you speak.
  • Don’t respond in kind if they react emotionally or aggressively.
  • Point out how hearing health can indicate other health problems, and express your concern for their well-being.
  • Be honest about how their hearing loss affects you and your relationship.
  • Offer to have your hearing tested with them.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Individuals with Hearing Loss

Have a quiet meal together: Dinner dates are a popular Valentine’s Day activity, but restaurants can get noisy. Consider having lunch or an early dinner to beat the crowd and ask for a table away from other diners. Picking up carry-out, cooking at home together or having a picnic are other romantic options.

Attend an event or show: Explore hearing loss- and hearing aid-friendly places. Art and history museums usually offer assistive listening features or devices that provide you or your spouse with a guided listening tour. Contact the staff at concert halls, theaters and performance spaces to see if there are any hearing support services, so the two of you can enjoy shows and music.

Dance together: Bluetooth hearing aids allow wearers to stream music directly into their devices. Play your and your loved one’s favorite song and share a dance. You won’t have to worry about being offbeat because your hearing aids will provide clear music and audio.


Online Hearing Tests from the Comfort of Your Home

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