Why You Need an Annual Hearing Test (Even if You Wear Hearing Aids)

Why You Need an Annual Hearing Test

Your hearing health changes throughout your life, and that’s why it’s essential to visit an audiologist for an annual hearing evaluation. Those screenings are just as important for hearing aid wearers as for people new to hearing loss assessments.

Here are four reasons to get a yearly hearing exam.

Hearing Loss Comes with Age

Also known as presbycusis, age-related hearing loss is quite common in people 60 and older. Your risk of developing hearing loss with age increases if you’ve worked in noisy environments or been exposed to loud sounds. Getting a hearing evaluation at Audio Help Hearing Centers will determine if you suffer any kind of hearing loss, so you can begin treatment or adjust your current hearing aids to your changing needs.

Hearing Tests Monitor Your Progress

It’s important to keep your audiologist informed of any hearing issues you might have, even if you wear your hearing aids consistently. Hearing device settings and programming can be adjusted to accommodate your specifications and unique listening situations. You shouldn’t wait until you notice a significant change in your hearing, as extensive damage may limit your treatment options.

Identifying Medical Conditions

Sometimes the underlying cause of hearing loss is a medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Your audiologist will review your medical history and verify if you’ve experienced any changes to your hearing within the last year that could exacerbate hearing loss. Hearing evaluations also include a visual inspection of your ear to determine if an infection, excessive earwax or other blockage can be treated to improve your hearing.

Have Your Hearing Aids Adjusted

Have you noticed your hearing aids don’t seem to help you as much as you want? Just like your ears, hearing devices require regular evaluations. Monitoring the changes in your hearing gives your audiologist the insight they need to program your hearing aids to accommodate your needs.

And because hearing technology continues to change and advance, you can also ask about device and programming updates that have been released since your last visit. If necessary, one of the expert doctors of audiology at Audio Help Hearing Centers will prescribe a different type of hearing aid or hearing accessory to optimize your listening experience.

Come to Audio Help for a Hearing Test

Scheduling an annual hearing test with a doctor of audiology allows you access to a wealth of expertise and information, so you know you’ll receive a hearing solution that’s right for you. Call 888-832-9966 or contact Audio Help Hearing Centers online to schedule your hearing test.